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Please feel warmly welcomed to the personal website of Kuba Kulesza - platform strategist, information philosopher and design activist from Cracow, Poland.

Here you can find my works, sketches and experiments. Some of them can be found also at various spots in the world wide web under id @georgebyron.

Anytime you can write to me at ixd@kubakulesza.pl.
It would be nice to talk to you!

dithered Shishkin's Рожь. It's one of my favourites paintings.
footage from old educational movie about computers. Here the scientist performs some tasks on the screen.
I'm glitched here bro.

I work as a product and interaction designer at Evidence Prime ⬈ where we develop Laser.ai ⬈ - the next generation tool for systematic reviews fueled by AI.

I'm also a co-founder and coordinator of grupa.robocza.org ⬈ - an interdisciplinary research and design unit focused on the way how information and communication technologies are affecting our sense of self, how we relate to each other, and how we shape and interact with the world.

Beside that, I conduct classes on product design and design strategy at post-graduate schools in Cracow at AGH University of Science and Technology ⬈ and in Katowice at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities ⬈.

I'm interested in the design of ontologies in the context of human-AI interaction. The main goal of ontology design is to model the human knowledge in a way that is understandable by the computer. I investigete how ontology creation, especially its semantics and conceptual model, impacts the mechanics and final shape of machine learning algorithms.

Also, lately I've been totally hooked by the p2p and its potential in being a techno-political community-oriented movement. #punk2punk

In my spare time I make collages for my friends and drink czech beer.

I box 🥊.

dithered Valloton's the Wind. I found it recently somewhere on are.na

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Etyczny wymiar projektowania AI

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06-07/12/2019: Forum Przyszłości
Platforms are what platforms do (PDF)

10/10/2019: UX Poland
Projektowanie użytkowników w czasach ekonomii uwagi

23/08/2019: MVU
Interfejs jako Utopia

26/06/2019: UXUp!
Kompetencje projektanta, a jego praca

28/05/2019: The Future of Work in the Postdigital Age
Interface: the anatomy of tool

01/12/2018: WUD Silesia
Jak odzyskać przyszłość?

minimum viable utopia